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Leaves Shadows

rob Staines

independent Travel Expert and content contributor


I'm Rob, I've clocked up literally hundreds of thousands of Airmiles and I'm here to make your travel experience a whole lot easier!

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Leaves Shadows



For the last 16 years Rob has been speeding across the globe at 35000ft! He’s visited nearly 70 countries spanning 6 continents and gained expert knowledge of what travel really means and how to survive a jet set lifestyle!


He is passionate about exploring new destinations and discovering different cultures, all whilst eating his way around the world! Just as happy sleeping on his yoga matt beneath the stars as he is sinking into the finest sheets of a luxury hotel, sat chin to knee in economy or sipping champagne in First Class , Rob believes that no matter your budget travel can be fun and accessible for everyone.


Living much of life above the ground has given him the opportunity to adapt to the demands of travel and find new ways to make the less desirable elements actually enjoyable.


“Everyone loves the destination but many loathe the process and all it entails. I absolutely love all elements of travel and I’ve learned to adapt and embrace.”


With many year's of experience in travel & tourism, rob is a regular expert in the media offering commentary, analysis and advice - from consumer rights to industry developments and the hottest destinations. rob's growing reputation as a travel expert "with a difference" sees him on shows such as bbc one's Morning Live and Rip Off Britain, ITV's Good morning britain, channel five's the Jeremy vine show and various bbc radio stations including radio 1 and BBC London. he is a regular contributor for online and print publications including The independent, daily mail and express.


He loves to use his expert knowledge to keep you happy, healthy, sane and safe

Leaves Shadows
Leaves Shadows


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