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A Breakfast With Rob Globetrotter

Updated: Feb 19

Consumer Rights Expert & Queen of Customer Service Lady Janey, asks Travel Expert Rob Staines for an interview over breakfast

We’re all very used to the same expert faces on our screens but is it time for a change? A new generation of fabulous experts is emerging and my ‘Breakfast with’ guest today is one of them. Please welcome Travel Expert Rob Globetrotter.

Rob Globetrotter has been flying the skies for 16 years and is absolutely addicted to travel! He loves ‘Exploring new places, learning about different cultures, eating my way around the world and constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zones and gaining knowledge about our world and the people in it.’ Me too Rob, there’s no bigger buzz!

Flying has given Rob a unique perspective when it comes to travel. In his day job he gets to meet and work with people from many different demographics all over the world. Rob discovers ‘Why people travel, what makes them tick, what their varying needs are and what experiences people are looking for. ‘ Rob says that ‘when we think of air travel, we think holidays and business trips, but there are so many reasons people are crossing the globe and each one comes with its challenges, expectations and emotions rendering travel rewarding but also demanding.’ Rob is now able to use his experiences of living the travel lifestyle to share his expertise and knowledge as a Travel Expert.

Rob’s first job was when he was at college studying A-levels. A head teacher for a boarding school came to talk to them about children and young adults with learning disabilities. Rob found her enthusiasm and dedication around this subject matter really inspiring, and she mentioned they were looking for young adults to come and help out. He knew instantly this was something he wanted to be involved with and says it went from there. Rob absolutely loved the job.

He says it was ‘A real eye opener to me and a learning curve which taught me resilience, appreciation and to treat everyone as an individual and most importantly, a human being.’ This sums you up in a nutshell Rob, an all round top guy who has the biggest of hearts!

As for the worst job ever, Rob says ‘Hmmm….this one is tricky as I’ve done a few in my time (but I’m actually grateful for every single one as they all add to the rich tapestry of life!)’ I have to agree Rob, everything we do is all part of the big picture.

Excellent customer service is a real passion of Rob’s. He believes that ‘Customer service is all about treating people as individuals with differing needs. It takes great empathy and understanding to be able to offer great Customer Service and I believe that the ability to offer excellent service is a skill that should be celebrated more. The basics of Customer Service itself are so simple and so inherently natural in most people – we all want to feel happy, to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect – it’s being treated as a human being and that’s why good Customer Service is so fundamentally important. ‘

However Rob also says quite rightly that ‘These principles have to work both ways for it to be fully effective. I’m not saying that a consumer who has been treated appallingly doesn’t have the right to let off steam and vent emotions, but it should never be forgotten that we are all humans, trying to get through life as best we can and that also involves the person trying to provide a service! Always treat people how you wish to be treated yourself, and for anyone looking to hone their Customer Service skills, always try to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and imagine what you would expect if you were in their situation. If we all listen and want the best for each other the world will be a much happier place and this is why good Customer Service is important!’

Rob’s biggest customer service gripe is not being listened to. For example if he has an issue that needs addressed – regardless of a positive or negative outcome, if he doesn’t feel he was truly listened to then ‘The outcome is irrelevant.’ Rob adds that ‘Lack of eye contact is also a massive gripe!’ Agreed Rob, always a sign that the person you are speaking to might not be telling the whole truth.

In 5 years time, Rob hopes to still be travelling and taking his career as a Travel Expert to new heights. Rob would love to ‘Help people travel better and find new ways to inspire people to see the world in a responsible and conscious way. I am also looking at inventive ways of making travel more accessible to people, so I hope to be able to explore this in more depth!’

As for breakfast, Rob’s usual breakfast is ‘Porridge topped with blueberries poached in honey. Flying can make your skin look dull and tired and blueberries have skin boosting properties!’ Agreed Rob, I tend to keep mine in less than tiptop condition with my daily wine intake.

As well as me obviously, Rob Globetrotter would love to share his porridge with Michelle Obama. He says that ‘Just thinking about that lady gives me goose bumps. As a male feminist, I admire her tenacity, strength and determination. Her openness to the world, embracing and celebrating differences, empowering and recognising potential in people and constant fighting for equality is not only infectious and entirely admirable, but so vitally important.’ Wow Rob, I don’t think I could top that as a guest but the qualities of tenacity, strength, determination and openness are ones I wholeheartedly share.

Many thanks to Rob Globetrotter for taking the time to have breakfast with me today and sharing snapshots of his life as a Travel Expert. If you’d like to find out more about Rob then check out his website. He’s also on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin.

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